Why Choose The Haven

Children are safe here

Every member of staff holds a current Safeguarding and First Aid qualification. Everyone is DBS checked. Each of the Management Team are qualified as Designated Lead Safeguards. This means there is always at least one Manager on site throughout the day who has Lead Safeguarding authority.

Our CCTV monitors everywhere outside of the building and the sleeping areas inside of the building. It is live streamed to the Office. There is an electronic door entry system and a locked gate to the garden but no one enters the premises unless we open the door or the gate to them.

Visitors to the setting are supervised throughout their visit and their mobile phones removed. They record their contact details and complete the Covid Screener on entering.

The Nursery is a clean place. There is a system of controls in place to maintain standards of hygiene. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe. They learn why they must wash their hands, cough in their elbow, brush their teeth, eat healthy food, hold the stair banister, avoid walking in front of the swing, follow instructions, do fire drills and safeguard themselves through the NSPCC PANTS and Road Safety campaigns.

There is a robust system of Staff monitoring and supervision within the setting. No staff member ever works in isolation and Management work alongside staff in the rooms.

Children are valued here

There is a very effective Key Person system in place. Practitioners make positive relationships with their key child and the child’s family. Children know that they matter.

Every staff member gets to know and play with every child. To the child there is always a friendly face in sight.

Because we practice British Values each child is aware of their uniqueness and how important they are to one another.

Families are made to feel welcome. Sharing their unique knowledge of their child is paramount to developing a sense of belonging.

Children are empowered here

It is our intention that by the time each child leaves the Haven 2000 they will have the skills and knowledge they need to continue on their learning journey. They will feel good about themselves and ready to move on.

Our curriculum is based on “Birth to 5 Matters” and “Development Matters”. We differentiate our practice to enable every child to achieve.

We use Continual Professional Development to enhance and improve our own skills and knowledge to ensure that children benefit from best practice.

We exchange information with our children’s Parents. Together we support each child’s educational and developmental journey at every stage.

So what do Families say about us ?