Nursery and Pre-School Rooms

  • Tweenie Twos
  • Rising 3s
  • Preschool
  • Garden

Even at this age  we help children learn to put on their own shoes, indoor slippers and coat. We help them learn to feed themselves.

We support families with the transition from nappies to toilet training when the time is right. Cot beds in the sleeping room are monitored by a baby monitor and CCTV fed to the office.

In addition the Practitioner physically checks the children every 10 minutes and records sleep duration.

Tweenie Twos learn to share experiences with each other through play. Sand, water, paint, songs, stories and heuristic play help them to express their interest and to learn new words.

The emphasis is still on independence in Rising 3s. Children develop more social language skills as they are encouraged to share resources and do activities in small groups. Children learn to be more aware of print, number and shape. They develop literacy skills inspired by their latest Story Sack. They are helped to use tools for cutting and mark making and are challenged to become better able to use large and small equipment in the garden.
Children in Preschool will be practising skills they will use every day in School. Not only is there an emphasis on academic and self care skills but there is training in how to be a confident learner. Children are taught how to answer open questions, to explore and find things out and to explain their knowledge. They follow a structured day which teaches them how to move from self directed to adult directed play as they will in Reception. Families are well informed and supported throughout the School Admissions process. We help Parents/Carers prepare themselves as well as their child for School Transition. The Haven 2000 has had excellent relationships with local schools for years and that triangle of support makes transition an empowering experience.

The Garden is not only a space in which to run and have fun.

It is a learning resource in itself.

The garden provides opportunities to learn about the natural world and the changes within it.

It is a place to develop physical skills and social games.